An open platform for running CLR / quadratic funding pilots

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Open Funding

We’re building an open platform for running CLR / quadratic funding pilots, as discussed in this Ethereum Magicians thread and this Twitter thread.

This project is open-source and in need of additional funding to sustain work on it. If you’re able to contribute, please consider supporting the project on Gitcoin Grants or sending ETH, SAI, or DAI to the Open Funding project’s contract address:

0xb2e7e101b8248021be72e76890ea24cfad967aec (Etherscan)

CLR / quadratic funding put as simply as possible:

small contributions from lots of people get “bonus points”

The aim is to productize Gitcoin Grants and let people use it more generally for different types of projects other than open source / Ethereum-related media and with different assumptions around identity / login that don’t rely on GitHub.

Eventually the contributors to this project would like to work with other teams on developing an EIP / standard, but it’s too early for that now - more direct experimentation is needed.

Twitter: @OpenFundingApp